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​​Hill City Auto Detail

Lynchburg, VA,


​For consistently detailed, repeat customers or relatively new vehicles:
$129 / $149 / $169 / $189 (according to size, examples above)

Thorough hand wash
Pro Hybrid Ceramic Sealant or Bead Booster for protection
Wheels/tires cleaned
Windows cleaned
Thorough vacuum
Interior vinyl and plastic cleaned
Floor mats cleaned
Add-on: claying the paint surface for best sealant coverage & longevity ($25)
Add-on: leather conditioner ($20)
Add-on: engine clean ($50-$75)

PAINT SURFACE CORRECTION  (full vehicle, exterior only):

Single pass cleaner wax:  Starting @ $350 for small cars: Removes some water spots and oxidation. Revives original color to paint. (average size car - 1 day) 
Moderate compound cleaner followed by a polish wax:  Starting @ $525 for small cars: Removes 75% of swirls, scratches and scuffs. (avg - 1 to 1 1/2 days)
Premium compound cleaner followed by a polish, topped off with a sealant:  Starting @ $650 for small cars: Removes 90% of defects. ( avg - 2 days)

Paint surface correction varies greatly with each vehicle. Prices are subject to paint condition and size of vehicle.
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ADDITIONAL CHARGES /  If your vehicle needs extra attention in these areas, charges may apply:

Pet hair / stains
Drink or food spills throughout (some spills expected, every seat and cupholder is not)
Excessive road grime, mud, dust (example; you live on a gravel road or you haul a rugby team to practice...)
Road paint splatter in wheel wells or along body sides
Excessive amount of mold spores on paint
Paint surface corrections on specific areas (paint transfer scuff on a bumper, heavy scratch marks, oxidized surface...)
Average charge $25-$50

Ozone Treatment ($50 per application): Helps rid your interior of foul odors from smoking, pets, water leaks, and other sources. Can not be applied if moisture is still present. 


For the vehicle that needs a little extra, maybe it hasn't been detailed in a year or more:
$229 / $249 / $269 / $289  (according to size examples above)

Thorough hand wash and clayed surface
Door jams, trunk/hood jams, sunroof jams cleaned
Minor scratch/scuff removal
Wheels/tires & wheel wells cleaned, polished and dressed
Exterior trim dressed where needed (some vehicles will require an additional charge)
Streak free windows, mirrors, dial faces and polished trim 
Meticulously vacuumed, hot water extraction of floors and seating areas  
Interior vinyl and plastic steam cleaned, dressing used if needed
Gauges, buttons, knobs and vents cleaned
Leather steam cleaned and conditioned (if applicable)
Floor mats steam cleaned or extracted
Pro Hybrid Ceramic or Polymer sealant protection
Streak free windows, mirrors, dial faces and polished trim
Add-on: engine clean ($50-$75)

Add-on: Ozone treatment ($50)

     Add-on: see Additional Charges below 


 A typical detail for a well kept car or truck: 
$179 (SMALL cars, e.g. Mazda Miata, BMW Z4) / $199 (MEDIUM, e.g. Ford Mustang, Subaru Outback) / $219 (LARGE, e.g. Chevy Silverado regular cab, Ford Explorer ) / $239 (X-LARGE e.g. Chevy Suburban, Infinity QX56, Crew Cab trucks)

Thorough hand wash and clayed surface
Wheels/tires & wheel wells cleaned and dressed
Meticulously vacuumed, hot water extraction where needed
Interior vinyl and plastic cleaned, dressing used if needed
Leather cleaner/conditioner (if applicable)
Floor mats extracted
Pro Hybrid Ceramic or Polymer sealant protection
Exterior trim dressed where needed
Streak free windows
Add-on: engine clean ($50-$75)

Add-on: Ozone treatment ($50)
Add-on: see Additional Charges below


Maybe you've never had a professional detail before, and cleaning it yourself just isn't your thing. 

$279 / $299 / $319 / $339 (according to size examples above)

All of the same steps listed in the Ultimate Detail, but your ...

Paint surface may have excessive tree mold or pollen build-up

Door, trunk and hood jams have heavy grease and road grime

Wheels need additional time to remove brake dust and road tar

Floor mats, carpet and seating ALL need steam/extraction on ALL surfaces

Eating habits are evident around the seats and center console

Add-on: engine detail ($50-$75)

Add-on: Ozone treatment ($50)

​Add-on: Additional Charges below may still apply

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​Other services to add:

ENGINE BAY: $50 - $75 - Removal of excess dust, grease and fluids on and around the motor. Under the hood is also cleaned.  This is a beneficial addition to your detail if you're planning to sell the car.

OZONE TREATMENT: $50 per application - cannot be run in the car when moisture is still present. For example, if your carpets are wet from a water leak or the upholstery is damp from cleaning. 

HEADLIGHT RESTORATION: $30 - $45 per light - Removal of marred surface that hinders your headlights performance. Brings back the clear headlight face that you had when it was new.here.