Auto detailing has been a passion of mine since my first car, a 1975 VW Superbeetle. Not just the occasional wash job before a weekend cruise, my cars always got the pre-car show cleaning! More than one person called me obsessed when it came to my hobby. Now it's my business. 

The good news is, I'll show that same passion for cleanliness and protection to your  vehicle. Let's face it, if you're spending thousands of dollars for a car, someone should care about it. It really is an investment, one that many people often leave to slowly deteriorate in the driveway. If you don't have the time or talent to properly keep your car in "investment" shape, use me.

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​​Hill City Auto Detail

Now to define "detailing": We specialize in extreme cleaning of your car, really getting the dirt and grime out from each "nook and cranny". Providing the finest hand wash that will not harm your cars finish, the best surface preparation before wax, and interior cleaning that makes your car smell new again. We are a detailer that can correct those thousands of tiny scratches, called swirls, that other car wash sources put into your paint. Scratches they don't even know they've added! Skeptical? Ask the local car wash what "swirls" are? And then ask if they can remove them?
Protecting your cars exterior, freshening and reviving the interior, and even cleaning the often forgotten engine bay. All with detail that isn't found at a high volume shop. Take a look at some of the recent examples we've done. Read through the different services we offer. Then give us a call with questions or request an appointment.